Notifying Your Employer

I am a reservist

One simple rule of thumb you should follow is to never ask for time off from your civilian job without laying down your groundwork first. Plan and Prepare are two words you should live by.

Most employers do not have first hand experience with the Armed Forces and may be under misconceptions about what your involvement means to them. In the past the NZDF has had a low profile in society.

The first thing you should do is inform your employer about your role and the benefits of having staff with reserve forces training. Stress the fact that part-time military professionals are taught to be leaders and to handle any task thrown at them.

Top Tips:

  • Be honest and open about your service and what it entails.
  • Avoid military jargon for your employer may not understand it.
  • Above all, be positive, direct, friendly, and professional.
  • Remember that the way you handle the situation will directly influence your employer’s opinion of the NZDF.
  • If they are still unsure about your role, refer them to our website for more information.

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