Support for You

Employment Issues

From time to time issues may arise with employers, if an issue arises in your workplace that directly affects your service in the NZDF this is the outline of how to tackle it:

Engage in Discussion

Work together

The first port of call should be the working with your employer section of this website. This will give you advice on how to best interact with your employer and request military leave. Refer your employer to our website so that they can gain an understanding of your service.

Learn More about working with your employer.

Get in Contact

Contact your REO

If this website has not helped to resolve the issue, raise it through your platoon/troop/flight commander or divisional officer or Unit Employment Support Officer. They will contact the Regional Engagement Officer (REO) who will engage with you to resolve the issue.


REOs can be contacted at

Further Options

Further options

If the issue is not resolved your REO will talk through further issue resolution options with you. This may include using the Employment Relations Authority to formally investigate the issue at hand. 

Remember, throughout an employment issue it is important that you act in good faith towards your employer and work towards a resolution that benefits all parties involved. The New Zealand Defence Force also offers support for families of service personnel, including reservists.

Learn more about Force 4 Families (external link)