Protected Employment and Obligations

The best results come from engaging with your employer in an open and honest manner.

Protected employment

It is expected that you, as a Defence Person, engage with your employer in good faith in an open and honest manner when requesting leave. As a serving reservist you are entitled to a number of leave allowances under Part 1 of the Volunteer Employment Protection Act 1973. These consist of:

Three Weeks Notice

Up to three weeks

for routine part-time service or training such as field exercises and weekend or evening training

Three Months Notice

Up to three months

for whole-time service or training such as initial basic training, officer commissioning courses, short-term operations and annual exercises


Your obligations

In order to be eligible for military leave permissions you must give your employer advanced warning of your upcoming military service or deployment.

14 Days Minimum Notice

Fourteen days minimum notice

to your employer for part-time and whole-time service and training


Employment New Zealand explains the role that the Volunteer Employment Protection Act plays in supporting part-time elements of the Armed Forces.

Find out more about the Volunteer Employment Protection Act. (external link)