Interviewing for a New Job

You, as a reservist, have some very unique experience and posess skills that many employers desire. Always keep this in mind during applications for new civilian employment.

Interviews are one of the most important stages in a job application. In order to really sell your skills and the value you bring, here are a few top tips that will help in an interview situation.

Be positive and professional:
If you have a positive attitude towards your service in the NZDF then this will impress upon your potential employer. Portray your own personal experiences as examples of how they have benefited you.
The Benefits
Explain the business benefits:
Employers want to hear about how the skills you have obtained through the NZDF will help them and bring value to their organisation. Discuss how the training you have received will pass on value to your potential employer.
Find out the benefits.
Be Open
Be open and up-front:
In return for these benefits do not hide from your employer that their may be times when you will need to take some military leave for routine training or even deployments. Reassure them that support such as, the Defence Employer Support Council, exists to provide assistance.