What is a Reservist?

Reservists are part time members of the NZDF who, in addition to their civilian employment, have a parallel career as a member of the Army, Navy or Air Force. Reservists supplement the regular force and often bring specialist civilian skills in areas such as engineering, ICT or healthcare. They are a valued strategic asset and an integral part of the NZDF.

Many employers see the benefits of having staff undertake military service, noting that the employee gains free training in practical leadership, staff management, problem solving, teamwork, positive work ethic and personal discipline. 

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What do reservists do?

In joining the reserve forces, men and women make a commitment to train and serve in the NZDF. They undertake routine military training to enable them to contibute to military operations, civil defence assistance, and large scale training exercises. . 

In recent years, reservists have been actively involved in United Nations peacekeeping and humanitarian operations in Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Lebanon, Sinai, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Bougainville, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Reservists participate in:

  • annual military exercises
  • specialist courses such as driving, first aid and hazardous goods.
  • world class leadership training
  • risk management
  • developing physical and mental resilience
  • firearms training
  • ceremonial events
  • sporting events

Interested in joining? Find out more at the Defence Careers Website (external link)