What is a Cadet Force Officer?

Cadet force officers are unpaid volunteers, usually over the age of 20, who work in direct support of New Zealand Cadet Force units. Cadet force officers have demonstrated their suitability to supervise cadets in a fair and equitable manner. This requires knowledge of specialist maritime, aviation, or outdoor activities, empathy and leadership capabilities, as well as acceptance of responsibility and a duty of care for cadets. 

Cadet force officers attend unit routine parade activities on a weekly basis and programmed weekend activities in order to foster the qualities of leadership and responsible citizenship amongst the New Zealand Cadet Forces.

As well as leadership experiences, cadet force officers also recieve as part of their training numerous NZQA qualifications:

  • NZQA Level 3 National Certificate in Recreation and Sport (Outdoor Activity Supervisor)
  • NZQA Level 3 National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Bush walking)
  • NZQA Level 4 National Certificate in Adult Education and Training
  • NZQA Level 4 National Certificate in First Line management

Cadet force officers lead outstanding young New Zealanders. Watch to find out more: