What is a Youth Graduate?

A youth graduate comes to you ready to succeed.

The New Zealand Defence Force, in partnership with other government agencies, runs a number of youth programmes that develop confidence, resilience, and life skills in young people. These courses get New Zealand youth ready to join the workforce.

"Employing an LSV graduate is one of the greatest contributions we can make as employers . We give somebody a chance to participate in the community through work."

Michael Barnett, CE, Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Once a trainee graduates from any NZDF Youth Programme they leave with a whole new outlook on life. They have the attitude, aspiration, discipline, and motivation to succeed in new employment and in life. Youth graduates have been proven to make great employees in retail, hospitality, construction, farming, forestry, and tourism. Graduates may come from a diverse range of backgrounds but all have one thing in common after leaving the course - a strong desire to work. 

LSV Trainees Working Together

Limited Service Volunteer programme 

The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) course is an intensive 6 week residential course providing life skills to unemployed young people aged between 18-25. Trainees are volunteers who apply through Work and Income and are subject to medical and police checks. LSV programmes are intensive 6 week courses that bring out confidence, leadership, and comradeship in trainees who come from all walks of life.

The programme is delivered on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development by NZDF.

Find out more about employing a LSV graduate. (external link)

Service Academies

Service Academies provide a structured academic program supplemented with physical activity for students who may otherwise have left school without qualifications. The programme and is run in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and each host school.

Learn more about the Service Academy programme on the Ministry of Education's page. (external link)