Benefits of Defence People

Getting value from your employee

Defence People bring significant benefits with them. Quality training equips them with valuable skills that are highly transferable to the civilian workplace. Underpinning each and every Defence person are the core values of Courage, Comradeship, and Commitment.

Our valued employers have recognised the benefits Defence People bring to their organisation, and are making the most of their skills.


Military training brings out natural leadership qualities at all levels.

Fit and HealthyTeamwork

Our people work as part of a team, supporting each other to get the job done.

Fit and HealthyTime Management

Accurate time keeping and punctuality is instilled into our people from day one.

Fit and HealthyFit and Healthy

A good level of physical fitness and resilience is a key requirement at all levels.

Motivation StationsMotivation

Our people quickly learn the value of self-motivation and the ability to motivate others.

Transferable Skills bundleTransferable Skills

Our training is second to none, equipping our people to succeed with essential and practical skills. 

Planning and DecisivenessPlanning and Decisiveness

At every level our people develop planning and decision making skills.